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In addition to our large stock of ATVs, we carry vehicles that are just for fun and educational for children. Come by our store to check out the selection.

Other Vehicles:
  • Star II K7 250cc Dune Buggy—This street legal dune buggy has a full harness for 2 people and has an automatic transmission with reverse. It is water-cooled and gets 70 miles to the gallon. On sale for only $3,000.
  • MPS 50—This 49cc moped/scooter gets 90 miles to the gallon and is perfectly street legal. Start saving money on gas with this ride at only $850.
  • Roketa Pit Bike RDX-125—This refined dirt bike features a perimeter frame and inverted front forks. A powerful 125cc engine gives this bike plenty of kick for only $850.


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